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auto-starts daily


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Any alternatives? it opens by itself every day? you can't even change the settings unless you pay for it? the new layout ruined a good thing.  Malwarebytes is a joke now.  Sad when good programs sell out and turn to garbage.  Same thing happened with utorrent.  If anyone knows a good antivirus alternative please let me know.

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Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware ( MBAM ) is not and has never claimed to be an "anti virus" application.
Thus if you were confused over that concept perhaps there are other areas on which you are not really clear on.
I suggest you take the time and post the problems you have in Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Help and see if you can get some satisfaction prior to giving up on the application.  It is clear from what you wrote that it had nothing to do with the core capabilities.  That is removing malware and Potentially Unwanted Programs ( PUPs ).  The paid-for version goes further in that it protects as well as removes.

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Hi: :)

In addition to what the others have mentioned (e.g. MBAM never was an anti-virus):

it opens by itself every day?

Nope, the Free version is just a manual, on-demand scanner.

Perhaps you were using the 14-day Trial and it has now ended?
Perhaps some of the settings are still retained when the program reverted to the Free version at the end of the trial.
Or something else is messed up.

This would most likely be easily fixed in a few minutes with a proper clean reinstall, as explained here: MBAM Clean Removal Process 2x
That should clean out any residual wonky settings and get you back to the Free version.


you can't even change the settings unless you pay for it?

For certain "Advanced" settings.
This has always been the case for MBAM and every other software product that comes in Free and Paid flavors.
If they both had the exact same features and functions, then there would be no "Premium" difference, eh? ;)
The side-by-side comparison is shown here.


the new layout ruined a good thing.

The "new" layout was rolled out in March of 2014.
It's not quite "new" any more. :)
There was very vigorous discussion about it (pro and con), but it was 2 years ago, during beta testing.
With the paid, Premium version, scheduled tasks (update checks and scans) run silently from the system account.
So, one need not open the GUI all that often.


NOTE: More info about v2.2.0 HERE; User Guide ONLINE; User Guide PDF; FAQ: Common Questions, Issues, and their Solutions




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@ fejferret

Are you only just wanting to use the program as a free scanner?

If so, that is still do-able.


2 tips:   1 is to watch the steps during the installation and not do the Trial.




Post-install you can turn off all real-time by simply unchecking the top 3 lines in Advanced Settings.




The detection engine in version 2.2 is far superior to any other old version.


p.s. Actually, the easiest way to return to the free mode is simply to press End Trial on the first screen ( the Dashboard ).



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