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Chrome close suddenly and something change the proxy


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Hello, I don't know where is the right topic... because Malwarebytes (free) said that my computer is clean but since a week Chrome close suddenly and after it I found that after this action something change my lan settings with proxy configuration file: https://localhost.world/localhost.world

function FindProxyForURL(url, host) {    if (shExpMatch(host, "www.bing.com")) return "PROXY";    if (shExpMatch(host, "*.search.yahoo.com")) return "PROXY";        ga = /^https?:\/\/www\.google\.[a-zA-Z.]+\/?$/;if (ga.test(url)) { return "PROXY" }        gb = /^https?:\/\/www\.google\.[a-zA-Z.]+\/\?(.*)$/;if (gb.test(url)) { return "PROXY" }        gc = /^https?:\/\/www\.google\.[a-zA-Z.]+\/search\?(.*)$/;if (gc.test(url)) { return "PROXY" }        gd = /^https?:\/\/www\.google\.[a-zA-Z.]+\/cse\?(.*)$/;if (gd.test(url)) { return "PROXY" }    ge = /^https?:\/\/www\.google\.[a-zA-Z.]+\/s\?(.*)$/;if (ge.test(url)) { return "PROXY" }    gx = /^https?:\/\/cse\.google\.[a-zA-Z.]+\/cse\?(.*)$/;if (gx.test(url)) { return "PROXY" }        return "DIRECT";}

What could be?
Could you help me?

Windows 10 x64, malwarebytes and another "competitor program" said me that my computer is clean.

Thank you.

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Hello and welcome: :)
If you have an unknown proxy that you did not set, then you might be infected.

We are not permitted to rwork on possible malware-related issues here in this particular section of the forum.
Such work is conducted in a special forum area reserved for that purpose, or at the help desk.

So, for expert assistance, I suggest that you might want to please follow the advice in this pinned topic: Available Assistance For Possibly Infected Computers.
It explains the options for free, expert help >>AND<< the suggested, preliminary steps to expedite the process.
A malware analyst will assist you with looking into your issue - the helper will guide you through deeper scanning, cleanup and repair.


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