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Dot.tk is being blocked


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Malwarebytes is blocking my access to dot.tk.  I like dot.tk and have had dot.tk domains over a number of years.  So find that intrusive.  The intrusiveness grew into frustration when I tried to create an exception, and Malwarebytes doesn't allow on to create exceptions for sub-domains of dot.tk.  Dot.tk gets excepted, but the English version of dot.tk does not.  FINALLY after doing repeated searches and wasting LOTS of time I figured out how to disable Malwarebytes when I wanted to access dot.tk. And that temporarily solved my problem.


So now for the Moderator who didn't think much of my previous report and locked it behind me.


Here is step by step evidence of what happens when I try to access dot.tk while Malwarebytes paid version is enabled:


1.  This annoying pop-up pops up repeatedly.




2. I can't access dot.tk.  This is the message that comes up.




3. Then next this happens. I get the connection was reset message as my browser won't allow me to get access any longer either, and then after plenty of searches finally discovered a way to get myself out of this situation.  I disable Malwarebytes when I need to access dot.tk.



And that works!  When Malwarebytes is disabled I can access dot.tk immediately.





I recently had to think whether I wanted to stay with the free version of Malwarebytes or go for the subscription.  I subscribed, however am now learning why I will not continue my subscription at the end of the subscription period as I don't like this kind of intrusion.  I also don't like that I have to prove my case to Malwarebytes.  When I first mentioned that dot.tk has been blocked by Malwarebytes the Moderator had something negative to say in response and locked the thread.  I understand this must be the flip side of added security, but I can do without this degree of intrusiveness. 

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