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Malwarebytes pops up uninvited several times a day...Fix?

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Thanks, but I was looking for a quick fix, not a deep dive into the diagnostic quagmire...Since I'm using MBAM as a secondary scanner along with several other anti-malware measures, I uninstalled it. I'll try MBAM again in a later version.

Thanks for replying

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Its hard to determine what's going on, and what the so called "quick fix" you want without looking at those logs.

I'm sorry but if you're not willing to post logs as requested here on the forum then we will not be able to assist you. We are not magicians and cannot remotely tell what is going on with your computer without some type of logs.

If you're concerned and do not wish to post such logs you can contact our help desk and create a ticket and they will assist you via email.

Please click on the following link to submit a ticket to the help desk.

Contact Consumer Support

Thank you

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I just don't want to waste the valuable time of experts on this thread...diagnostic deep dives have not fixed other problems on other PC's so I'm reluctant to engage in another when it's really not necessary...due to multiple anti-malware programs.

By quick fix, I was referring to a change in preferences/settings that might stop the MBAM screen pop-ups.

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  • Staff

Firefox is right, we don't generally want to apply blind fixes. We prefer to understand the situation, and do so through the requested logs. Each tool takes a matter of a few minutes to run. Each situation may be unique.


That being said, if you're using the free version by design, and the program is running on it's own as if a scheduled event is taking place, it would seem that parts of a Trial version are still present. You won't be able to alter the settings that are likely causing this, because those settings are inaccessible to Free versions.


Running our mbam-clean tool and reinstalling the program, being sure to deselect the trial option during the reinstall, should address this situation.


You can download mbam-clean from here:

xxxx link removed xxxx



Post updated [02/12/2021 - AdvancedSetup]

The following MBST tool should be used to perform a clean removal and reinstall



Edited by AdvancedSetup
updated information
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This started for me when I updated via the "check for updates" at the bottom of the dashboard. The latest version updated and the program suddenly started blasting my screen at xx:57hrs and again at xx:11. Hour after hour after hour.


I have run the clean program and reinstalled, which means I've lost all logs collected over the past many years. I'll inform you if this doesn't cure the problem.



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MBA-M Staff...the Uninstall Reinstall without trial advice worked great!! Thanks. Might not be a bad idea to offer a button to stop those pop-ups...not likely to encourage users sign on for the paid version, methinks.

After the reinstall I ran MBA-M and it flagged 'unlocker' a program widely used to unlock locked files and USB drives. Avast & SuperAntispyware missed it, but virustotal showed the file had Delta toolbar in the installer. I've since cleaned it from several PC's

Thanks again

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  • Staff

MrToad2, I'm glad that worked for you. Without seeing the logs that Firefox requested, it's hard to say exactly what was going on there, but based on experience with similar situations, I do believe a trial was partially in effect or somehow restored during the program upgrade, leaving some services running, which caused MBAM to open as it was doing. Typically, there should be an End Trial link on the program as Maurice pointed out in his post, which would do as you suggest, but in cases of a failed installation/upgrade, that might not be present. In those cases, the clean uninstall/reinstall is the way forward.



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