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How to submit an Email for Malware Analysis?


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I am a new forum user.  I have received an email that I believe has a malware attachment which I have double clicked.


Is there a way for me to safely forward the email to someone at Malwarebytes so he / she can analyze it and tell me what it is.


I have run a Malwarebytes scan and 0 threats were detected.  I have also run an Avast Boot time scan and 0 threats were detected.  I am not convinced


Any guidance / help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank You,

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To start with, please don't put your email address in public places.  That allows the harvesting of the address to be used for nefarious purposes.

I will request forum administrators redact your email address  }
Malware submissions can be made in the following sub-forum; Newest Malware Threats
Please reference the following on how to provide sample submissions such that Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (MBAM) can detect targeted but presently undetected threats.

Malware hunters please read
Purpose of this forum
Malware Hunters group
Upload Directions:

  • Take the files and put them in a ZIP or RAR archive file.
  • Create a new post and paste the Virus Total ( or other service ) report URL in the body of the post.
  • Choose "More Reply Options" on the bottom Right of the Web Form
  • Now choose "Attach Files" on the bottom Left of the Web Form.
  • Browse and find your ZIP or RAR file.
  • Choose "Add Reply" and there's your post with your attachment(s)
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