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Microsoft to users: You'll download Windows 10, and you'll like it


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Microsoft to users: You'll download Windows 10, and you'll like it
Starting next year, Windows 10 will automatically download itself onto some computers

Microsoft really wants people to get on the Windows 10 bandwagon, so much so that the company plans to start automatically downloading its new operating system to some users' computers next year.

In a new blog post, Microsoft Executive Vice President Terry Myerson said the company plans to push Windows 10 as a recommended update through Windows Update sometime next year, after rolling it out through the service as an optional update "soon." That means those PC users who have applied Microsoft's suggested update settings will automatically download the update when the company makes the switch.

That's an aggressive move from Microsoft, especially given the outcry earlier this month after the company did the same thing accidentally. Users who've gotten the download will still be able to opt out before it's installed on the device, and they can roll back the upgrade for as long as 31 days after making the switch to the new OS, so that's some consolation.


FULL STORY @ NetworkWorld wetbiste: Microsoft to users: You'll download Windows 10, and you'll like it

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@ daledoc :

naaaa ... yer not too old ... find an "old" comp , slap in a used HDD and load "mint13 w/MATE desktop" .


i just got done having a go-around with a laptop that was updated via the "sneaky dl" and in place install .

the system was borked after a couple of days ... "roll back" was more like ; roll-over-and-play-dead-for-keeps  .


i agree ...

with MS performing yet another act of seemingly self-destructive tendencies , ya gotta wonder what's in the water at MS in redmond .

because , surely , what are the chances of hiring all of the students from mrs.bensons' third grade special needs class , at one time ?

"vee haff vays of makink you use our glorious operatink zystems"


man , just think of what would have happened if ford had pushed the edsel like MS is pushing WX .

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I refuse to upgrade to 10, I don't want or have a need for it. On top of that some machines are not compatible.

A friend and I both have the same laptop, he tried updating to Windows 10, I ended up having to go over and help him reinstall 7.

I am glad I don't allow Windows to auto install things

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