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Win7 PC cycling in startup repair


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Hi There


I am commenting from my laptop as I cannot get into my PC that has the problem!!!


My PC was running ok, but I noticed that it had started to suddenly run slowly, so I reset the machine - nothing rebooted at this point, so I left it for a good 20 mins, still nothing. So I then restarted the PC and again nothing (I could hear the machine running but nothing was coming through to the monitor)


A friend told me to remove the RAM card and put into the 2nd slot for RAM (which i did obviously with the power off and unplugged).


The PC now sends signals through to the monitors yay!!! only trouble is, it keeps on bringing up Windows Start-up repair (which i have run a few times and nothing happens) - I have also tried to enter safe mode nothing it just returns to startup repair, I can get into the motherboard settings screen and that is telling me all sorts of information about the motherboard


the problem signature is 6.1.7600.16385 (in startup repair)


Please help, as all my important files are on the desktop pc


Thanks in advance




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make and model of comp ?


do you have another known good stick of RAM that you could put in place of the current one ?

give it a try ...


not certain without further tests , however :

occasionally bad ram will cause errors to be written to the hdd

the hdd is going south

the MBR is damaged in/by one way or another (ie : possibly by infection)

one of the others here can chime in with further information .

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