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UK suspects arrested for helping malware bypass antivirus protection

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I want to suggest to demote the moderator Zynthesist.

His behaviour is strictly improfessional and should not be accepted.

I joined this forum after someone linked me to this thread:

I felt like the original poster could need some help to defend against this ridiculous block and Zynthesists reaction to it.
It is very clear for everyone to see that the website is not malicious and should not be blocked.


Zynthesist is improfessional, insulting and offending in this thread.
His childish way to avoid admitting that the website is not malicious and unblocking it cannot be a proper representation of malwarebytes and therefor I sugges to demote this moderator.


I also made screenshots of the entire thread in case he tries to delete or edit it to remove any evidence.

Kind regards,

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The Research Team will review it and if any change is to be made then management of the team will do so. Your posts were hidden as only Staff or Experts are allowed to reply to others in that specific forum.




Thank you



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