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In case you don't know, you have to upgrade through 8.1 > get the Media Creation Tool and make a dvd or usb flash stick and run setup on either.

Then Microsoft will know about your computer and don't have to enter a "key". Press skip when it asks for a key.


This is the only way to do it even if you want to do a clean install


Do a custom install so you can stop MS from recording everything you do. Unless you don't care about MS spying.

Debatable as of now !??




If you upgrade with the dvd or usb stick, it will keeps your programs. This is a "new" OS so it should be a good install.


Just install MBM and your key will be ok.

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Hi, @amigo:


In addition to @KenW's advice....


If I understand your post correctly, you weren't specifically asking for help with upgrading Windows to Win 10, per se?

Rather, you were asking about how to reinstall MBAM Premium after the OS upgrade?

(But @KenW is correct about needing to do an UPGRADE to Win10 first, and THEN a clean reinstall of Win 10.)


>>Be sure you have your MBAM license ID/Key on hand before you start.<<


It's not strictly necessary to do this, but it wouldn't be a bad idea to deactivate your MBAM Premium license before you reformat.

(Dashboard > My Account > Deactivate)

Then you can perform your Windows OS upgrade to Win 10.


Once you have done that, and have obtained all your Windows/MS updates, and installed and configured your anti-virus, you can cleanly reinstall MBAM.  You would then "activate" it with your existing lifetime license Key/ID.


Full instructions are here: MBAM Clean Removal Process 2x.

Needless to say, you would add the step of the OS upgrade/reformat/Win10 reinstall before you reinstall MBAM.


Please post back and let us know if this works for you,

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