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Odd behavior on old version caused by new version?

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I'm just putting this out there in case it rings a bell with someone having a similar issue.


I noticed on both my machines running MBAM Premium that the program was not behaving properly. Automated scans were not running and automated definition updates seemed to have an issue as well.  I was getting the stuck blue bar as others have reported.  Some days I didn't even see a Protection Log entry. 


I looked closer at my Application Logs and on both machines the problem started on 12 Oct. Before that there were no issues. What happened on 12 Oct?  v2.2.0.1024 was released. Coincidence?  I don't know but once I updated to the current version all issues seemed resolved.  Kind of strange I know but I have to think there was something to it.

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Hi bru--


Thanks for reporting this!  It's actually been reported by others recently, too.


And yes, the timing does seem suspicious doesn't it?   ;)   What was different about this release vs. other recent releases was that we were VERY aggressive about sending out the 2.2.0 upgrades to users.  All other releases through our new updater system went out at very slow rate, a trickle.  


The symptoms you report are due to a problem that has existed since we redesigned the scan flow, but it did not manifest itself except in a very few instances.  And it was not something we were able to reproduce in house.  But we were able to do so with the 2.2.0 release.


Upgrading to 2.2.0 will resolve the issues you describe and get things back to normal.

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I don't wish to hijack this thread but, yes bru - it rings a very loud bell!


I too was running and noted the 'stuck blue bar' on October 15, but it probably started earlier. And I too noted that the product had been updated a couple of days earlier (and also read somewhere that the database had been optimized October 13) and drew my own conclusions. It's happened before...


I did a little experiment: I had an image copy of my system from when it was working fine so, after saving the current state, restored to it. No difference - still got stuck. So it's not a question of program corruption or a change in my environment.


I didn't report the incident as I've done so before (as have others) and assumed that the advice would be the same, namely 'do a clean removal and install the latest version'. Which I did and all is back to normal again.


But please Malwarebytes, this is the 4th time it's happened to me since last December. Nuff said...

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