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In a recent Malwarebytes newsletter it was suggested that one should get rid of Java and Flash as both are susceptible to virus and malware attacks.

I can find Flash through Control Panel> Programs and Features> Adobe Flashplayer 19 NPAPI> uninstall


But, Java is not listed - as I believe it is incorporated as a plug-in with my Google Chrome browser. What would be the best way of uninstalling Java?


Now, if I do this, how will my Google Chrome browser play video content or internet radio, etc, etc??

Are there better replacement programs/plug-ins for audio and video content - when for example watching Youtube clips?


Thanx as always for any assistance and answers.

Waggles from Down Under.

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OK yes - 

but when downloading many interactive websites they often request must have Java script enabled.

If I follow Malwarebytes advice in deleting Flash Player and Java; how will my Chrome browser work in respect to 

what these two programs support?

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In addition to @DHL's expert advice....

but when downloading many interactive websites they often request must have Java script enabled.

Java is not the same thing as Javascript.
Few websites and applications require Java nowadays.
IMHO it is not worth the security risk to have it on my computers.
((Having said that, javascript can present its own security problems.
There are browser extensions, such as NoScript for Firefox, which can be configured to block javascript, selectively allowing it when needed.))
There is a Java removal tool which can be used to fully remove all traces of Java from the system.
An example is JavaRa (many users find version 1.16 to be more user-friendly than the current version).
@AdvancedSetup's tips about Java removal:

Please go into Control Panel, Add/Remove and uninstall ALL versions of Java and then run the following.
Please download JavaRa-1.16 and save it to your computer.

  • Double click to open the zip file and then select all and choose Copy.
  • Create a new folder on your Desktop named RemoveJava and paste the files into this new folder.
  • Quit all browsers and other running applications.
  • Right-click on JavaRa.exe in RemoveJava folder and choose Run as administrator to start the program.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose English and click on Select.
  • JavaRa will open; click on Remove Older Versions to remove the older versions of Java installed on your computer.
  • Click Yes when prompted. When JavaRa is done, a notice will appear that a logfile has been produced. Click OK.
  • A logfile will pop up. Please save it to a convenient location and post it in your next reply.

Re: Adobe Flash Player
Flash Player is still needed on many websites, as HTML5 and other technologies have not yet lived up to expectations to fully replace it.
It's absolutely critical that one uninstall older versions, keep one's current version up to date, and -- as an added safety precaution -- configure one's browsers to keep it disabled unless/until it is needed, on a site-by-site basis.
It should be downloaded ONLY from the official Adobe site, either here or here (Be careful to "opt out" of any freebies that Adobe might offer by default from this second link), and NEVER EVER EVER from a 3rd-party site.
And, if you use different browsers, such as IE and Firefox, you need 2 different versions for "ActiveX" and "Plug-In" browsers, respectively.
You can test your browsers for the current version here.
There is a removal tool HERE.
I always run this tool (with all browsers closed!) before I upgrade to the next Flash Player version.

Finally, MBAE will help to protect you against many of the exploits delivered via these vectors.

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I would just like to say that since Google Chrome v45, the support for NPAPI plugins (like Java) have been dropped, so you cannot run Java in Google Chrome anymore. So removing it won't impact your Google Chrome experience at all (this doesn't include your experience with other web browsers like Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox).

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Thanks to all - I have followed your instructions and have completely uninstalled Java from my PC / Windows 10.

I only use "the Edge" and Google Chrome. 

And yes I only download from the original company source as I experienced a rather unfortunate hijacking when doing so from a third party [softronic] many years ago.


I still have Adobe Flashplayer but I am not aware of any reliable alternatives. 

Listening to internet radio on Google is continuous and hassle-free.

Listening to radio on "The Edge" browser is a hassle. Drop outs. Or web-site but no audio. 

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