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To whom it may concern,


I have a client who owns the domain and website that I work on: privateaccess.world.


It is being blocked by your Premium real time protection as "Malicious Website Blocked" as shown in the attachment.


As far as I can see, it is being blocked only because it has a .world domain name.


Any .world domains such as odin.world and help.world which I have tried are blocked as well.


Are you blocking all .world domains arbitrarily?


If so that is a very lazy way to maintain a security database and makes me question whether or not we should continue to recommend your product to clients.


Please remove the block for privateaccess.world and consider testing sites that you block arbitrarily against something other than "I can't be bothered to look at them all, just block them all and let the people who pay for the program complain so we can sort it out."


My client is losing business and reputation when his site made exclusively for his best clients is being blocked without cause.


-Simon Silva Jr.

Consultant, ITS,Inc. 


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