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Memory Leak ? dllhost.exe?

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Hi, i've been googling a lot but i still cant solve this issue . 










My Dllhost.exe keep rising until it reaches 95% . I assume it's memory leak ? 


I scanned with

- AVG 

- AntiSpyWare

- MalwareByte (with uproot kit) ( mainly program files , program filesx86 , windows , users folders ) 


I found quite a few of malware hidden in system32 files and syswow64


and cleared off everything that are dangerous but i still cant get rid of this rising dllhost.exe

I've read about combofix and stuffs and i think i shouldn't be using it yet before i consult with someone here.

I hope that someone here can help to solve my problem because i wasted 2days scanning my whole computer ._.

THANKS in advance!!!



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Ok , i fixed the issue already . It's because of a MP4 file that is trying to generate a thumbnail ._.


so another issue is . 

My AVG firewall cannot turn on . it says settings are corrupted , i have to reset to default.

but it doesn't work for me no matter how many times i reset to default .

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