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Windows 10 Autumn Update is Set for November Release

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There is an upcoming update to Windows 10 for next month.   Just ran across a recent article by Paul Thurrott and found it  interesting.

Windows 10 Fall Update is Set for November Release


Parts of the Threshhold 2 update are already at hand if you have the Build version 10565. 



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XP possibly but Windows 95 was a welcome change as it supported thunking for quasi 32-bit which was great improvement over 3.1

XP did usher in some nice stuff but not something I had to have. All in all if Windows 95 supported 64-bit and new hardware I'd be happy to continue running it today.

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"Windows 10 Fail Update ..."

and that is what i read the title as the first time around .

:D :P



That is the same "tag" as used by the author & MS.   :mellow:

Should'a  been called Autumn update.

p.s.  It is likely to be within the next 2 to 3 weeks.


I could be missing something, but I think @CWB was being "punny"?


"Fail" update vs. "Fall" update?



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Nice little changes.

Activation changes. As previously reported, Windows 10 Fall Update will support activating with your PC’s Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 product key. For this to work, the key must match the edition of Windows 10 using the same upgrade matrix.

Recovery tools. The Push Button Reset feature will be updated so that resetting the PC will reset it to the Windows 10 Fall Update, not the July RTM release. If you upgraded from Windows 8.1, you will lose PC maker customizations. (This won’t happen on Windows 10 PCs.)

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There's a vague hint of some sort of news being announced by mid-day  Thursday  ( Seattle time).


It turns out to be about a new mobile build for Windows phone.  Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 10581

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I won't need help for that issue since I don't have a Surface Pro 3, but what I find funny is the number of small bugs like these that have been around since the first TP of Windows 10. In every build, there's a bug that makes you laugh because it's just not understandable, like how can it even happen :P


On a side note, pretty excited about that new update, I'll install it right away. I might create a System Restore Point before, even though Windows Update should create one automatically when installing updates like these. A System Image wouldn't be a bad idea as well.

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in keeping with the theme of this thread (might have to move it) .

this is a bit lengthy but it is a little history to show how and why things happen to certain (!?) users :

i worked on a friend's laptop about a year ago (brand new machine) ... it had W8.1 with "classic shell" plus a real AV/AM .

she moved to another state and all has been ok with the machine until very recently .

she called me and was agitated/excited ... it seems that the machine had crashed and as she needed the machine for her work , she elected to have a guy on her end check it out .

he was having trouble with *something* (she is not techy by any stretch of the imagination) so , i suggested that she give the guy my number and call me .

in talking with the guy i found out :

it had W10 .

he was having problems activating windows and MSO (both had been "kicked" as not being correct) .


/hmmm ...

the W10 issue ... i asked him if he had installed it instead of W8.1 ... he replied that the machine had W10 on it to start with .


i asked him if he knew (from my friend) when the install of W10 happened ... he replied "about three days ago" .

/hmmm ... the cheese it getting binding

i told him i could send the original .iso for the copy of MSO but i could do nothing for him on the problem with the COA/key on the bottom of the machine other than to try the "change activation key" and barring that , to call MS$ and pitch a fit .

i sent him the original install iso (i was a twofer copy and i had installed the other one in one of my machines) via "dropbox" .

he called me yesterday to report that he had used my iso and still the activation problem persisted , and as well as with the key for W8.1 .

then he said that he called tech support at M$ and the guy said he had been seeing quite a bit of *this* and activated/resolved both issues after a few minutes .

hoo-ray for my friend but she is still out the $$ the guy is going to charge her ... not to mention the possibility of "lost data" .


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Build 10586 of Windows 10 was made available to the Fast ring just a few days ago on the 5th.  This is almost certainly the build that is the Autumn update release, nicknamed Threshhold 2.


The issue with the Surface Pro 3 is fixed.  And the System Restore settings were fine after my upgrade in place.


As always, there is no need to rush to get this.  However, if you already have an earlier build of Windows 10, it is a good idea to get this update.

The update is done thru Windows Update.


Those upgrading from one build to this one will see  ( in Windows Update)
for the Home edition - th2_release Core 10586
for the PRO  edition  - th2_release Professional 10586


Announcement on the Microsoft Windows blog

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