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Runtime Error (at 92:137): -partially resolved.. Help

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Hey Folks.. I hope somebody here can help me.. im pretty techy.. but far from genius..

System is an Asus Laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium


It absolutely will not let me connect to the internet.. via any browser.. IE, Chromodium..etc.


So I had to download MBAM on a u.s.b. drive.. then put u.s.b. stick into infected unit.. copy file over and install


Upon trying to install/run.. MBAM version in an infected system. I got the  "Runtime Error (at 92:137): Could not call proc. "



I ran combofix - in normal mode - 2 infections - wininit.ini and \ssd\ssdp+stub.exe   (no clue what the latter is..)  and about 9 orphans..


rebooted the system - tried to connect to the web.. no.. - mbam.. no..


ran mbam clean tool..


loaded and ran Eusing Free Registry Cleaner .. v 3.6.1 - found 88 items.. (nothing alarming.. jumped off the page)


Did a volunteer reboot.. just to make sure on power up.. anything that might have been .. TSR (Terminate and Stay Resident) - was not present in fresh boot..


Tried to launch spybot.. (older v 1.75?  they had installed from 2013.. ) .. it would not launch..

so ..start.. control panel.. programs and features.. - removed it..


Copied over . .SpyBot v2.4 - installed it.. WOULD NOT LET ME UPDATE  :(


Tried MBAM Again - same.. wrote down the ABOVE ERROR..


I jumped into safe-mode via F8

right clicked on Combofix - run as administrator - found MSDownload.tmp and 8 orphans


MBAM would not load


issued the command line (under right click run as admin) .. netsh interface ip reset resetlog.txt  - required a reboot


rebooted into normal mode


tried the internet  :(   page cannot be displayed..


went to Google..(implied..on a separate machine) -  and searched on..


"Malwarebytes Anti-malware Runtime Error (at 92:137): Could not call proc "

.. and found.. the exact issue.. here in your MBAM Forum.. (but it was locked.. so I could not append my problems/findings there)


So I Followed the instructions there..

(Download / Run Adw Cleaner (v5.0.13)  .. Download / Install.. Zoek.. use the script.. etc..)  


ADW Cleaner found 314 issues


Zoek took for ever to run..


Reports for  ADW Cleaner, Zoek, Combofix, all attached..


on REBOOT :)    3 things..


1) wallpaper gone :(




3) MBAM would install.. but could not update :(   however.. - ran the full scan.. - found 40 threats


and now will attach that log file too..



ANY HELP.. would be greatly appreciated.. thanx








mbam-log-2015-10-18 (15-04-17).xml




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Hello and :welcome: :


Thanks for detailed report. :)


Alas, we are not permitted to review scan logs or work on possible malware-related issues here in this particular section of the forum.
Such work is conducted in a special forum area reserved for that purpose, or at the help desk.

So, for expert assistance, I suggest that you please start with the info in this pinned topic: Available Assistance For Possibly Infected Computers.
It explains how the malware removal process works.

Then, please start a NEW, separate topic in the malware removal section, attaching the same logs to that new post.
A malware analyst will assist you with looking into your issue.


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Thanx Dale.. :(   is there anyway.. it can be "moved to Malware Removal Section"  by moderator.. - I figured since I followed the other posting to a "T".. (but didn't see where I was reading it..and that it was closed.. / locked..  or I would have tried posting in the same Forum)  it would have been a slam dunk ..easy peasy.. fix for someone skilled in this process

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We see you started a topic in the Malware Removal section HERE, now you need to wait for one of the experts to pick up your topic.  Please be patient as it gets quite busy there.


The only folks that can move the topics are the Admins and the Mods, however there is no need to move it now as you started the other topic.



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