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MBAM key not working...

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Hi, I lodged a support ticket way back on October 3rd that my key was not working for me. I still haven't got a reply to that ticket via email. I was told that I would get a reply in the order in which they received the ticket. I think that over 2 weeks is more than enough time to allow for a reply to my problem so I will post here.


I have a 2 part key that I got for purchasing MBAM (not MBAE) back on 28/10/2010.


Cleverbridge reference number:  16337681


For some reason after reinstalling my OS back on the 3rd of October and then reinstalling Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. I am given the following error:




I would like some support with this issue. Please answer my ticket asap as I have already waited long enough for a resolution. 

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Hello and :welcome: :


Sorry for the delay in resolving your license issue. :(


I am just a home user and forum volunteer, so I cannot directly resolve the problem, unfortunately.


However, until a Malwarebytes staff member has a chance to weigh in, a couple of thoughts:

  1. First, please check your email junk/spam folders to be sure that replies did not land there by mistake. 
  2. Please don't post any additional "personal" info (order numbers, email addresses, license info, etc.) here in the public forum where it could be harvested by the bad guys. Any additional, specific correspondence here in the forum  with that sort of sensitive info will need to be conducted via PM, or -- preferably -- via the Help Desk (where they can properly research & resolve your case).
  3. As a temporary workaround until the license issue is resolved, you may wish to perform a "clean" reinstall. The setup wizard will automatically offer a 14-day Trial version with all of the Premium features, if you have not already used such a Trial on this computer for this MBAM version (IOW it is 1 Trial per PC per MBAM Program version). Instructions are here: MBAM Clean Removal Process 2x

The Malwarebytes staff will work with you to get you fixed up.


Again, sorry for the delay and thanks very much for your patience,

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Thanks for the reply. I'm still waiting for an answer to the issue with my key. I don't know why it just stopped working...

I already had the trial running but it ran out which is why I came back to the forum to make this thread because I honestly thought it would have been resolved before the trial expired.

I hope someone can answer my ticket in the support centre soon. I've had no reason to complain about this product or company before and I really don't want one :/

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