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about .ecc files

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Is there any possibility of recovering .ecc files?

I've been out during 5 days and when I turned on the computer it was incredibly slow but I was still unpacking my stuff. later i noticed a bunch of files turning into .ecc and afraid of virus or malware I restored my windows XP to last week, as it was before i get out of home.


but now i have some wierd txts with text about how to get the files back, and a bunch of 'converted' files. many of them were recent photos of vacations and important events. others were photos of music sheet, papers, boards. a lot of info from my classes i would save it in pictures and have it on cellphone or tablet to avoid having tons of papper around. 


I had a lot of stuff that i studdy in those pictures i just lost the papers etc. and it's very important to me to get the files back. 

I've read some tutorials and tried some 'recovery' softwares but some would'nt even work on my computer, others didn't work at all. I guess I already removed the mallware with malwarebytes and spybot, i used to have avira aswell. sistem restoration was fine but i only did it like 2 or 3 hours after booting the computer. so it spent tones of time converting files. 

any help would be much appreciated, thanks in advance.

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You were infected with a ransomware trojan.  Malware that encrypts data files and holds them for ransom.


You need to make sure your infected PC is cleared of it and anything else.  Something that can't be done in this sub-forum.  You can obtain assistance in that endeavour in;  Malware Removal Help


However please note they can not help you recover the data files, only remove the ransomware trojan and other possible malware.  For all intents and purposes, consider the data gone and after the Forum Helper helps you remove any latent malware you'll have to restore your data from backups.

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  • Root Admin

As David said. If you do not have backups of your data then you've lost them. Restore from clean backups is the only way to get them back.


For future reference please read the following post.



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