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Why is Classified as Malicious?


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Please tell me why you have blocked IP as a 'Malicious Website'. You replied to my prior post saying it was not a false positive, but did not give any information on why so that I can resolve the issue.


I'm not aware of any malicious content on our site, but if you've found something please let me know so I can remove it. I've checked all other major antivirus products and none of them are blocking us, which is why I originally thought it was a false positive.







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Thank you for the quick reply - I found one of our sites 'www.ustechsupport.com' on the URL blacklist but am not sure why it was reported because we are a legitimate company and don't do any outbound calling except to call our customers back.


Please let me knowwhat steps we need to take to verify our site's legitimacy -  I'm happy to provide any information you need.

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