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New version of Mbam not working in "user" account

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I have had to clean install Mbam multiple times so again my ability to activate my account is again not working , this has happened repeatedly already but Mbam doesn't have a memory so i guess it can't see that it's always on the same computer .


I need someone to correct that 


Thank you


Now, the latest Mbam works perfectly in the Admin account as i followed Mbam's specific instructions multiple times for a clean install but in the "user" account all i get is the "rootkit driver" is not available message .


Again,  all steps were followed exactly but in "user" account it's still a no go ,  this was happening when activation was successful also , Mbam only now cut off my ability to activate when i tried all the steps again .


Thank you



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Hello and :welcome: , @herbc:
Sorry for the delay.
It appears that your post may have been inadvertently overlooked.
AFAIK, the "limited user" issues were supposed to have been fixed with the current build, as mentioned HERE.

And several users have reported this to be the case, e.g. here (and others).
So it's not clear why you are still having problems. :(
Normally, we would suggest trying a proper, "clean" reinstall, using the removal tool and rebooting, as explained here: MBAM Clean Removal Process 2x
However, as you said that you have already tried that, AND that you are now having trouble activating your Premium license, the best bet might be to log a ticket with the HELP DESK.
They can assist you with both the technical issues AND the licensing problem.
Thanks for your patience and understanding,

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