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Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is not useull for me and Windows XP

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Sorry, IMHO is Malwarebytes Anti-Malware not usefull for Windows XP, or thiis is only my problem ?! Than i tried to install the new version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, came this 0xc000001d error - failed to initialize. Error up.


Iam returned to the version That for me does not work always correctly. Now e.g. it is switched off again.


Is that a disadvantage for me?



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Your XP system must have an older processor.


There is a hotfix HERE.


A number of users with old processors have already run it successfully:




Please let us know if that resolves your issue.


NOTE: there is important information about the hotfix here



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Yes. The error came up by me too, in the past by an erlier previous version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. I guess. Sorry i give up in this issue and Windows XP. I waving the white Flag. Or i give me an Windows XP, a last try. Iam unsure. Thanks for your help in this issue.


( EDIT )



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If you upgrade MBAM program versions, you just need to run the hotfix again, so that it can patch the relevant MBAM driver.

There's nothing to it.


If that doesn't resolve your issue, then, as Becky explained here, there may be nothing else to do at this time.


At some point, Malwarebytes cannot code for backward compatibility for very, very old hardware running a Windows version that was EOL/EOS in 2014. :(

(Many software vendors have already stopped supporting XP.)


Thank you,

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Can not make backward compatible, towards Os. So one takes always new problems in the future. And also towards CPU ....

Actually, this does not relate specifically to Windows XP.
It is a hardware issue with older CPUs.

Please see here and here:


To clarify, this issue will still be present in MBAM

You can run the same hotfix as before which will fix the issue. Simply follow the instructions in this post.

The MBAM System Requirements were clarified with this release to specify that in order to run MBAM you'll need a processor with SSE2 support.

At some point in the future the hotfix may no longer work and you may not be able to run MBAM if you've still got one of those older processors. But for now you can continue to use MBAM by running that earlier hotfix.

And please see here:

This is due to a compatibility issue with some older processors (Single core PIII and earlier, and AMD XP+)

If you are receiving this error, luckily there is a special installer that you can use to avoid the problem. Please download the special installer from this page. Once downloaded, simply double-click to run, and the program should install as normal.

If you reinstall or upgrade MBAM on that older platform, then all that is needed is to run the hotfix again so that it can patch the relevant MBAM driver.

That may resolve the issue for you.
If that doesn't resolve your issue, then it's probably something that we cannot directly resolve here in the forum.
I suggest that you might want to please follow @AdvancedSetup's advice:

If you have any problems with the installer or need additional assistance, please contact our Support Team and we will be happy to assist.

Thank you again,

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