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Problem downloading v2.2.0.1024

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Yep, I had the same problem earlier, which I reported in another, private area of the forum (that you cannot see).


Here's what I wrote:



This link works for me:




and this link works for me:





The one embedded in this post does not work for me under Win7/64 and Fx 41.0.1.

When I click on the "Save File" button in the dialog window, nothing happens:




Apparently, it doesn't affect all users, as another forum member had no trouble with the link.

But the other 2 should work OK for you, as they did for me.


Thanks for reporting,



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Are you using AdBlockPlus?  I'm tinkering between browsers, and can download from the "problem" link with Chrome AND Firefox, though it was only Chrome before tinkering.

Yes I am using ABP but I tried disabling it with the same result.  I will add that I downloaded this version when it was still in beta and it is installed and running fine.  I was only trying the download because a Moderator of wilderssecurity, JRViejo,  brought it up.


Uh oh...I just hit 2000 posts. I better shut up.

Congratulations for your 2000th + post!

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Are these links OK for the Premium version also, or just the Free version?


The installer is the same for Free, Trial and Premium versions.


Users with a paid license for Premium can install the new build on top of their existing installation.


If you are performing a "clean" reinstall/upgrade of MBAM Premium, as explained HERE, you would "activate" the program with your license ID/Key, as explained HERE.


If you are running the Free version you would not activate it.

(A 14-day Trial version is offered for one time for each PC for each program version, unless the user opts out during the setup wizard.)


Thank you,

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