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I just downloaded the new version and installed over the top of the previous version. So far, so good. I hope this fixed some issues I was having...running as a limited user  and website protection exceptions. I am running Windows 10 Pro 64 bit, but was previously running Windows 8.1; so I don't think the problems were related to the version of OS I was running.


I was hoping that this version would also hide the license details; I believe this is a privacy problem and should be hidden. Versions 1.x hid this info.

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Hi,  I am a bit curious to know if this is at home  ( home user) or if perhaps this is perhaps used elsewhere  ( college dorm or the likes)?


At home, you should be able to control physical access to the machine.


Glad to know your version upgrade is in place & that you did well.



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It is a home PC, but others have access to it at times. I understand that it may be necessary to retrieve the license info. If users decide to use the Access Policy feature, which I have, then perhaps you could require the password to view.

Also, I run as a Limited User, is there a difference in scanning as Limited User vs. Admin User? Is there a need to scan as a Admin User? Will running as Admin find things that a Limited User would no find? Thanks.

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Hi everyone,


I have also Installed on top of the previous version, I just want to know that is it advised to do a clean install after deleting the older version and fresh installation of the newer version to avoid any conflicts in functionality if any occur or doing on top of older version is as good as doing a fresh installation. Because I have seen people's concern about fresh installs rather than on top of old version. If someone can clarify :) Thanks. 


By the way, MBAM rocks!

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