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CMD.EXE App error has returned

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Some more info on these crashes that might be relevant...  And as you said, the problem still occurs with 1043 on Windows 10 x 64 RTM and Windows 10 x 32 Insider Preview 10565.


I now initiate the crash as follows:

  • Stop MBAE protection
  • Rapidly start Photostudio6 (not protected by MBAE), Excel, Word, Chrome, Firefox, IE. (These all have shortcuts on the task bar to make it easier)
  • While they are starting up, quickly Start MBAE protection.



  1. If I do the above after a Restart (not shutdown/power up), the first time I try it all programs start OK (but of course they are slower to start up). But if I close all the programs and repeat the above, the failure reliably occurs, and will keep occurring.  Why does the failure not occur the first time they are started? This might simply be because they are starting up more slowly, or it might suggest that the issue occurs when a cached file is accessed.
  2. I have had the error occur on Photostudio 6, which is not protected by MBAE, so I would assume that it could fail on any suite of programs.
  3. It is not possible to predict which program (of those started) will fail I have occasionally seen two of them fail.  I have not yet seen Chrome fail, but all the others have.
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Having this exact same issue. Just deployed MBAM and MBAE to roughly 80 endpoints and several are having this issue. All are Windows 10 X64 machines. All have the latest version of MBAM ( and MBAE ( installed. Several of these are clean installs of Windows 10 with just the basic business applications installed. There are also several that were upgraded from Windows 7/8/1, but none of them had MBAM or MBAE installed (or any security software for that matter). If I disable MBAE, the problem goes away. I've opened a support case and provided logs, but was told the information had to be sent to developer for review. It appears this has been an ongoing issue for some time and is still affecting business users. I'll post back here once support has a resolution.

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