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Problems with old account, connect in Firefox and Chrome


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Hello crew of Malwarebytes,


I'm new here on the forum since yesterday.


But I have some troubles with connecting the forum and even I can't connect to the Dutch website of Malwarbytes.


I really want to know to whom I can write a Direct Message in order to solve a great problem I have

connecting the forum on the Firefox and Chrome browser.


It is even not possible for me to follow links from Facebook, because Chrome is my default browser.


I made lots of effort and found out only on the Edge browser it is still possible to reach the forum as a guest, or with a new account.


I want to do this please in a DM because I have to gave some personal information in order

to solve my problem.


Thank you


with regards




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Hello and :welcome: :
Our forum community manager is on vacation.
Other staff are covering for him.
And it is the weekend.
And we aren't seeing any similar reports, but that doesn't mean there is not a problem. :)

It sounds as if something may be amiss with your Win10 install or with your browsers or your security set-up, your networking, etc..
We may be able to assist you directly here in the forum.
But doing so will require a bit of basic system information.
Such logs are posted 100s/1000s of times a day here and at other computer help fora.

They would provide a starting point for troubleshooting.

If you would like help here, please read the following and attach to your next reply the 3 requested logs - Diagnostic Logs (the 3 logs are: FRST.txt, Addition.txt and CheckResults.txt).


>>And could you please tell us:

Do you (or other friends/family members) have the same problem on MULTIPLE computers from your location?

Do you have the same problem if you try to access the forum from a DIFFERENT network or location?


Otherwise, we ask that you please be patient, until @AdvancedSetup or one of the other staff members can assist you.


Thank you for your patience and understanding,

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No problem i will explain and it is not related to my windows 10,  because also on my windows phone I had been blocked when I connect my accoun.


I wil explain it here.


Yesterday I made an account with my nick Typetje, it is a nick I used already on many for for mor than 10 years.

Also on forums like Bleepincomputer.  and many Dutch forums I join.


I introduced myself, got a welcome and I reply on 2 topics in the general chat, and I modified my profile.


So far no problems. 


I started reading the topic with information about malware, since it interests me and for some reason.

I had to do another job on other forum and after that I came back to the forum and wanted to open another topic

but than it show






I even couldn't sign out

Help documentation also not be able to cliq on

contact the community administrator seems the only working


opens my email so I explained my problem, but the adres shows a no-reply email adress, so it gave me not much hope

I send after that another email explaining more about the things that is haunting me with my IP adress.

And hoped someone would read it.


I even called my provider since it was not the first time things happen to me.

I learned something about the IP blacklisted things and I run my IP and found only 1 hit wich was really solved easily by clicking in order to make it right again.


But I still could not acces When ik approached the forum it gave that page


so I opened Firefox and than I could open the forum as a guest and logged in facing the same problem again.


So I was really desperate again what was going on.


I tried on my windows phone the trick I did in the pas on the other forums wich already solved my IP problem and I disconnect the wifi and connect the forum as guest on my windows phone no problem but the moment I connect my account I was doomed, It shows again that page.


Now I'm not really fast to give up on things and I thought everything stays stick to that account


So I made in Edge a new account with my other ( private) email adress and my real name not a nick

In order to see what is really going on.


So I had to do efforts for the activation link, I managed to click on my tablet android on the 3g in the internet browser ( not chrome ) and it worked.


So than I changed a few settings in my profile and looked where my posts were


Surprised I couldn't found them, so I saw that's  weird since I still was logged in on my chrome not able to log out.

So I searched for the account

in members and this is what I found




My account was all empty but I saw I made 4 posts I couldn't find at all anymore


also the profile I couldn't see or open


So I was really surprised, because of this all caused by my IP situation that follows me and so I don't now to do


Since this account is working I really would like to connect it in chrome or Firefox if possible

than please solve the thing so I can clear this and simply log out of that account in order to connect again with my new account


so I can still be able to connect the forum and read the topics


If there is no one to help me on this during the vacation, I can wait for it.

But I hope it can be solved any way


My IP adress plus details, I wil send in an DM if needed.


I gave all this details already in my email I send, but I don't know if that wil be read.


If the Nick causes problems or my IP I'm really sorry for that


and for me it also gave me lots of troubles to solve on two other hosts


For my nick Typetje what I was used, than it's the first time it has gave me problems


for I have not on many other forums


Please for now it would be just fin if the account with Typetje can be cleared out in order I can connect with this one on my chrome and Firefox browsers


Thank you


with regards




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Oh yes I will, thank you for all your attention to my problem


and my wish is to delete the old account Typetje to stay with this account if possible for now this one is working I will stick with this one.

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Funny to mention, Yesterday I got your Newsbulletin on my email adress of the old account that has been locked and on my email of this account I received non, though I select to receive it too in this account.


Interesting articles btw, I shared one on my SM ;)

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Sorry for asking again, but I still cant log out or connect the forum in firefox and chromebrowser it stays stuck on that page with my Typetje account and blocked


And I really like to sign out that account and login with my new account in chrome.


thank you and sorry for asking again

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Sorry for the delay. :(


As previously mentioned, the Forum Community Manager and Root Admin is on vacation.


He will be the one to remove your other, @Typetje, account, when he returns.

(It is currently locked and we regular forum helpers do not have the ability to make such changes.)


As long as you have this account, then you have access to the forum. :)


Do you need assistance with installing or running MBAM or with other issues?


Thank you for your patience,

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Thank you for answering, if so I can wait, It's much easier after that off course when I have only one browser running, now I run Edge special for reading this forum :)

I like to read and learn  from it on the forum. Thank you.

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I'm not sure why you would need to change browsers.

I presume it's related to the fact that both forum accounts are tied to the same IP and/or email address.


As long as the blocked account exists, that may be why you are having trouble logging in to the forum with THIS account.


In the interim, however, one need not log in to the forum to read the posts. 

You ought to be able to view all the public boards from any web browser WITHOUT logging in?


Alas, we will need to wait for the forum Admin to sort it out.




Thanks again,

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The account (Typetje) was flagged as a spammer account. At this time please just continue using your current account which should not be blocked otherwise you would not be able to post as you're currently doing.


Thank  you


thank  you for the reply, I thougth that was hounting me again and so it was.

Please my wish is to delete the Typetje account.

Because now I'm used with this account

so I wil continue using this one.

I have patience in time when it's solved would be fine to log in on my default browser with this one


With regards



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Just want to remind you my problem is not solved yet and every time I want to cliq on a link in Facebook to the forum, it stil shows, please delete that account so I can login on chrome with this one. Now  every time I have to copy past the link to the edge browser, wich I use only for this forum normally because my default browser is chrome. Please do something about it, it really is disturbing me a lot now

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I can't  sign out , I want to, really


just delete the typetje account so I can


they solved it on other forums too before this


I don't want to make a mountain jus I want to login on chrome

and I made this account already my new account


zo just delete the other one


It's no big deal and not a that much work, but I wait long now, been prommised it woulde be solved.

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  • Root Admin

I really have no idea what your issue is here. The other account Typetje does not exist here and how or why it would be causing you an issue logging in also does not make sense. If you're having trouble logging in then please provide more details on exactly what you're doing to get an error logging in.


Thank you

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You say the typetje account is deleted, so why it  continues showing me that page when I want to link to the forum on my default browser, the pictiure I made yesterday after I cilq on a link

in a post on Facebook.

And also when I receive a notification by mail that a new post is in my topic. I open my gmail in Chrome ( my default browser )

But when I cliq on the link in that email, It show also that stuck page of that picture

I can only log in to the forum on the Edge browser.

Wich I'm nog using for any other purpeses, but I even cannot link the forum in chrome and also in Firefox as a guest, It seems that it stays stuck on the typetje account. That was having a spamban I explained all in the previous post of the start of this topic.


I had the problem not only on this forum, on the other forums they undo that spamban and I could use it again.  But here it has not been undone for the account and so it stays stuck every time I cliq on a link in any other site that redirect to a topic or post on this forum.


Only this new account I simply want to log in on my default browser chrome and that is not possible now becaiuse as you can see on the image that page is always showing, not lettin even logout and I did everything I even empy cookies etc etc but It stays like that.


It alle has to do with that spamban on the typetje account wich should be returned.


On other forum they cleared that out and everything was normal after that. They cleared it in 2 days, and here I'm waiting weeks now, it's stays like that. The spamban is not cleared off.

So that's why I can't do anything now. Only in Edge and that I all explained in the previous first posts of this topic .


And also as a guest I cannot see the forum in chrome and firefox due to this problem

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Spam bans aside, it sounds like problems with your Chrome or other browser settings/configuration/sync/cache.


And you are here now, logged in and posting, so there is nothing wrong with your account or its credentials (otherwise you wouldn't be able to log in).

And one need not be logged in to the forum to VIEW/READ posts in the public areas.

One only needs to be logged in order to POST (and to view certain private areas of the forum for which one has been granted access).


Why not just delete your old bookmarks and links and create a bookmark for this URL:


You ought to be able to view ALL public areas of the forum from that link.


<just saying>


Other than that, our forum Root Admin will have to assist you, as we regular forum members do not have the ability to resolve such matters.


Thank you,

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Thank you very much for that.


Although I cleared everything out it was still stuck, before


For the first time I could see the page as a guest


and I logged in with this account.


Now it seems to be right


I tried this one before by cliq on the forum link on the website of Malware bytes it didn't work


But now it's all right


You had a magic link


Sorry for that I whined about it a lot but it was bothering me every time.


Now it's good


Hope it stays like that


and thank you again


with regards







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