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[SOLVED] Anti-Exploit auto minimise after delay?


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Is it possible to have Anti-Exploit close after a delay period rather than requiring the user to click on the Close button to effect this?


The reason for the question is in using Anti-Exploit for a user who is blind and who uses NVDA to provide screen reading capability, but where NVDA does not inform the blind user of the Close button when the initial Anti-Exploit program panel is shown on the desktop.


I cannot see any settings in the free version of Anti-Exploit to effect this request and would like to keep the protection offered by Anti-Exploit for the blind user.


Thanks, Steve

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  • Staff

Hi Steve,


Anti-Exploit (MBAE) should not show a window on the Desktop after boot.


Which version are you running? If it's an older one, try the following:


1- Close all running applications

2- Uninstall MBAE from Control Panel

3- Download and install the latest version from our website


Are you still seeing MBAE poping open after a reboot?

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