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Sv Host problems / Formatting Help


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Ladies and Gentlemen,


I'm having alot of trouble with some Sv LocalHost processes in my main computer that previously weren't a nuisance, they go from 40% CPU to a whopping 85% at worst when opening some programs. I'm also planning to format my PC soon, but I never done it before. 


Oh and the problems may have occurred because I stopped the automatic windows updates, I have a feeling that it impacts my bandwith. Also my younger brother uses my "rig" to play his games, said that my PC had 100 ping when playing online (I go Ethernet) and then any game he plays the servers say I have 1500 ping. He also plays Doom and his sourceports previously weren't a problem and now the SvLocalHost also interferes with himAny help with this also helps so I get him off my back for a change.



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Hello and :welcome: :

You don't mention what version of Windows, or whether it is OEM or retail, etc.

So we need a bit more information, in order to better assist you. :)

>>Please read the following and attach to your next reply the 3 requested logs - Diagnostic Logs (the 3 logs are: FRST.txt, Addition.txt and CheckResults.txt).


If you plan to reformat, there are excellent, detailed tutorials at many reputable computer help sites.

For example:

How to Do a Clean Install and Setup with a Full Version of Vista

How to Clean Reinstall Windows 7

How to Do a Clean Install of Windows 8 or Windows 8.1

How to Clean Install Windows 10


Thank you,

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"Also my younger brother uses my "rig" to play his games, said that my PC had 100 ping when playing online (I go Ethernet) and then any game he plays the servers say I have 1500 ping."


this may indicate that your comp is to "slow" (aka : not enough crunch power) to run games as involved as *doom* and others .

other than that , your statement is not clear in its meaning ... information is missing and as such , any comments would only be wild guesses .


the first part of your statement may be a cause for your problems (and concern) ...

if your younger brother has downloaded any malicious software while using your comp this could be the cause of your problems .

sometimes it is best to "use your own equipment" , that way , you know what you have done and are doing with it .

this helps avoid bad or ill feelings when the comp is compromised/infected  .

it is one thing when our equipment gets messed up by ourselves , but it is quite another when it is messed up by someone else .

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Thanks for the logs.


There's a lot going on with this system that will require deeper work in another area of the forum: here.


We would like very much to help you.

However, the logs also show that the computer appears to be used to actively pirate software.

This violates the forum Piracy Policy.

As such, no further assistance can be provided until all illegal software has been removed from the system and the hosts file has been reset.


If you wish to reformat and reinstall Windows, then it might be advisable to follow the detailed tutorial provided in the link in my previous reply, or to head over to one of the reputable, "general" computer fora, such as bleepingcomputer.com or eightforums.com, etc..


Thank you,

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I'm no expert, but the file named "ezSharedSvcHost.exe" appears to be a part of an application called 'Magic Desktop', at least based on what Google showed me. That very well could be what's slowing you up since it does a lot to modify the behavior of the PC including filtering the web results to make it safe for children (i.e. filtering out any adult content and whatnot). An application like that could certainly have a significant impact on overall PC performance as well as web bandwidth. If that application is installed and it's your PC then you might consider disabling or removing it to see if the issues you're seeing are resolved.

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