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hi , first i must say big thanks to malwarebytes for fantastic anti malware programms


i test about 10 top antivirus and internet security and none of them even detect a problem


for a few days i have a big probelm with Ads by DNS Unblocker


it`s all over my browsers , taking much cpu , ram and bandwidth and open in everysite


i search in google and found some tutorial ( clear cache and restart firefox and browsers , looking for suspesies programm installed on my computer , scan registry and ... )


but none of them work at all


malwarebytes detect some dangerous and delete it , after restart seems not problem for a while but after a few min this adware came back


and only good news is malwarebytes will block connection to m51.dnsqa.me


like this screenshots :




i get this message on every page i opened !! and every time the m51.dnsqa.me try to connect with different port and ip
, how can i really get ride of this please help


somehow this ads make a way to my android Tablet too !



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i see 4 users download my attachment files . is it safe to see all information about my H.DD. windows , Files on desktop and programs that i have and share it to all ??


i think these files must be private and only admin and experts can read and download them :|


i dont have any info about hack but when i open these txt files it just feel bad :ph34r:

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Arioman Hello and Welcome!


For your info, usually only folks that can really help you here are the only ones that will download your attachments with the proper credentials to work on your issue, if it shows that it has been downloaded 4 times, then it was more than likely that 4 different experts downloaded them to take a quick peek as to what the issue was and if they were going to pick up your topic. 


Now to the fun stuff, the reason no one has replied is because there if evidence of piracy on this computer.


Well we would really like to help you further if we could but since the logs show that this computer has entries designed to steal and/or pirate software we will not be able to assist you without you removing and/or uninstalling the pirated software.


This topic will be closed by one of the Admins or Mods due to evidence of cracked or pirated software on this system.
Piracy Policy

Thank you

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thanks dear firefox for reply


i respect your Rules and ways to help


but i think evidence of piracy or crack and ... is not directly related to "Ads by DNS Unblocker" maleware , it`s spying data as i say before 

just like Restaurant never check the pocket of people to see it`s their own money to order food or not !! it`s a police duty not them


i just see that malwarebytes is only software that somehow detect and blocked m51.dnsqa.me server and try to defeat it


but it cant remove , seems must search deeper for this virus codes in files , registry , services and ...



i never want to solve only my probelm cause if you google : Ads by DNS Unblocker  your will see there are thousand user like me with the same problem and there must be thousand of experts to get they Addition.txt and FRST.txt to wise them want they must to do for remove it


so As i see malwarebytes is one the strongest anti malware in the world , i just want to share this problem so maybe experts can update definitaion of malwarebytes software to detect and clean this malware better and quicker

Individual wise is not my point cause i get this virus on my brother labtop , my android tablets and ...  


at the end thanks malwarebytes team and wish good luck for all of you :wub:

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