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Ebay Mbam Lifetime Keys - Must Be Fake?

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My genuine lifetime key was blacklisted today (still got the original card somewhere)  I think because I've had (many) issues with Windows 10 & esp. with updates not installing among other things :-) - After trying many,many fixes from the Windows Ten forums etc. I finally fixed the problem(s) but not before I'd restored a full 'Reflect Image' a dozen times or maybe quite a few more over the last month, anyway I've contacted support & hopefully they can reset it, if not I have had my moneys worth over the years.


But my point is: I was looking on Ebay UK today & just out of interest I saw a few sites selling Mbam Lifetime licenses for £8.00 or so - Not wishing to accuse anyone but surely these have to be none genuine & probably keys generated by the Ebayer? - By the looks of it quite a few had been sold, does Malwarebytes take an active role in closing these sites down & even prosecuting the people concerned? As there are quite a few probably about half a dozen & the low cost should make a person wonder but some people will be buying them in total ignorance.  

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Hello, @PWT:


Welcome back. :)


Until a staff member weighs in....


Your license: 

Yes, if you are having a problem with your own license, please wait for a reply to your support ticket from the Help Desk.  Please be patient, as they are pretty swamped now.  Also, please check your junkmail and spam folders to be sure their replies didn't land there by mistake.

If you are still having trouble activating -- and if you have not already used the Trial version on this particular computer -- you may wish to perform a clean reinstall.  The setup wizard will offer a 14-day Trial version with all of the Premium features, while you sort the licensing problem.

Instructions here: MBAM Clean Removal Process 2x (1 Trial per PC per program version)



No, ebay is NOT a trusted reseller. See here: Can I buy Malwarebytes Anti-Malware from eBay?

Yes, the Malwarebytes marketing and legal teams are aware and they address these sorts of license sales through appropriate channels.

It's always advisable to buy software licenses directly from the software publisher, or from a known, reputable, trusted reseller.

And it's always advisable to keep a robust "paper trail", just in case.


Thank you,

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Thank you: I've found a spare licence as I've used Mbam since around the beginning & I read elsewhere support are very busy so if it should get sorted I'll still have a spare licence as I don't have as many PC's around as I did years back - I was just surprised how many of these Lifetime Licence sellers are on Ebay & how many one of them has sold, it's hard to understand how they dare sell what are 'probably' generated keys so publicly? 

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