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Database out of date pop-up, followed by "you have the latest db version"

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We have an enterprise version of Malwarebytes. I have it installed on a laptop that is not on the company network and I constantly get "your database is out of date" but then clicking on "update" it says, "you have the latest database version." It looks like the database version on this laptop is from December 2013, so I'm pretty sure it is not doing the update. I also don't see an option in the software to update the software itself (only the database). The laptop is on a 1.7 version of Malware Bytes for Enterprise I believe. The laptop is on Windows 8.1 and Malwarebyes was/is installed from an administrator account (only account we have on that laptop).


Any suggestions on how I can get this laptop to get the latest database update?





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Hello and :welcome: :
Until a forum staff member has a chance to weigh in, a couple of observations....
1. The Consumer version of MBAM is designed to be installed and configured from an Admin account.  And there are a few known issues with updating and running Consumer MBAM from an LUA (these are due to be fixed with a future version; and there is a hotfix here).  There are likely similar "best practices" for the Business version.
2. Version 1.70 for Enterprise is an older, outdated version; the last release version was 1.75. But the current version of MBAM for Business is now version 1.80, as mentioned here: Update to MBAM for Business and Management Console. So you might want to try cleanly upgrading to the new build on this business system.
3. This particular section of the forum is targeted largely to home users running the Consumer version on their personal PCs.  So, it might be more efficient for you to seek assistance from the Business Support Team members via either of these 2 routes:

I hope this helps, at least for starters,

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