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Database Version update takes a long time! (free MBAM ver.)

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I am using the free MBAM version and everyday I update its database version, but it takes almost 1 1/2 min to "find" the download server and start the download itself.


It is as if the server(s) were very bussy or very slow to respond! ...eventually, after the mentioned amount of time (more or less) the download starts and the update finishes fine.


I know it is not my ISP or my PCs (Two with Win 10 and one with Win 7) because it happens on all three of them and the rest of the internet experience is as fast as my ISP advertises.


Just wondering.


Thank you very much for such a GREAT software!!! :)


Enrique Diazruanova

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This has been a continuous problem with Malwarebytes for awhile. Years ago it used to be great. Today i went to update and after taking a long time, It froze at 99%. I also know it's not my ISP becasue my anti-virus program definitions update in seconds.


Between this and the updates of the program itself that don't work, it's really beginning to be useless. It's like they took on the mentallity and culture of app developers (laziness and stupidity) where you just update stuff to justfy your job.


The program and updates need to be done through India so they can be done correctly for less money. Who would ever pay for ghe premium version when you can't even download updated definitions in several minutes? 

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  • Root Admin


We can take a look and see if we can find out what's going on for you.

Please read the following and post back the 3 requested logs.

Diagnostic Logs

Thank you


You're free to post your opinion but you're borderline on getting your account locked or banned for trolling. Calling names is against the terms of using the forum (not to mention just not a good way to get help). You now have a few posts you've jumped into that have nothing to do with you which is considered trolling on all forums and can lead to getting banned. Again you're free to make "a" post and voice your opinion you're not free to start posting to everyone else's topics. If you're having an issue then start your own topic and we'll work with you to try to resolve it. Thank you

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