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Pop up confusion- Kaspersky and MBAM - Need advice on where to post


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I've had a lot of computer confusion lately.  I've been advised by professionals via customer service support and this forum tool.  However, there's one MBAM pop up in particular that has me extra worried.  After computer RESTARTS, I'm getting a "Malicious Website Blocked"  pop up with the following information:


Domain:  (BLANK FIELD)


Port:  53764  - not always the same port

Type: Outbound

Process: C:\Windows\System32\svhost.exe


I've seen similar pop ups for the same process only a couple of times outside of the restarts. However, I've been receiving other pop ups for sites I'm not even visiting.    This is a problem I was originally having with Kaspersky.  I've been told my computer is clean of viruses and adware has been addressed with the Adwclener tool.  So, I'm not sure how to proceed.


I mean, if my computer is clean, what is going on?


I have today seen some posts mentioning similar issues. So, I think I'll keep researching the forum.  But if anyone has any insight into what this might be, please let me know. I'm not even sure how to describe my issues.  I'm just really confused and as is probably obvious, I'm a novice at best.


Thank you for hearing me out. I look forward to your feedback.


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You're likely using Verizon as your ISP.  Their DNS is causing this issue.  That IP address used to belong to Avast (antivirus).  They abandoned it and a malicious website has hijacked it.  Change your DNS to Google ( and the problem will stop.

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Just a slight correction. The IP itself didn't belong to Avast, it's one of a number used to serve ads on otherwise NXDOMAIN (non-resolving) hostnames.


IP itself belongs to UK based, Barefruit (used by ISPs, "app" developers" to shove ads in your face when something no longer leads to where it used to)

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