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New Issue, can't even find any info searching on google, please help!


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I have done extensive research on Google on trying to find anything out regarding the following folder that I found on my Windows computer.  The problem is that when I view the properties on the folder and even the files in this folder, there simply isn't any useful or relevant information, so  I'm suspicious and I tend to want to delete this folder and the files within in, but I have no idea what they're used for.  Usually most files have some sort of extension on them so I have an idea as to what kind of file it is, but here, nothing.  And my Malware Bytes program and my Symantec Endpoint (indiv. user client), doesn't see the folder and or the files within it as anything harmful. 

Here is the path where this folder is, what is called and the names of the files within said folder. 

Any conjecture if you're not sure would even be helpful.  I've even been told to just delete the files and leave them in the recycle bin and or rename the folder/files and if/when they're actually needed and or some program doesn't work, then I'll know and then can decide if I still want said program/and or files.  Thank you.


path:  Windows/Users/"myusername"/vw 

So the "odd" or folder that I have no idea on what it is, is called "vw".  Within this folder are three files that have no extension and are just a long string of characters. 

They are as follows:






When I right click on properties for these files, in every case, it tells me that the type of file is simply "file" and the name or description of the file is the same as the file itself. 


Thank you,

Charles Bolter


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