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Trojan.GenericKD removal


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I tried to remove this Trojan with the medic but it says I do not have this trojan.  When I did a scan with the Bitefinder it showed I had it in 3 places.  Not very computer literate and tried to follow directions on removing it from another site and got totally LOST!!! :)  So, I have stepped away and asking for help to get rid of this thing.  Would be happy to click a button and it be gone :)  Thank you in advance :)

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  • Staff

What files did Bitdefender identify as Trojan.GenericKD? (That should be something you ought to be able to tell from Bitdefender's quarantine or logs.)


Trojan.GenericKD is Windows-only malware, as far as I know, so it's highly likely that these detections are either false positives, or they are Windows malware attached to an e-mail message. Either way, don't let Bitdefender remove them until you've been able to confirm what they are?

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These are in the download folder.  I could not take a screen shot of Bitdefender but I found the same in download.

Install_flash_player (2).rar
Install_flash_player (1).rar
I remember downloading this because it said Flash player was outdated on August 10.  I kept thinking someone had access to my computer.
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  • Staff

Sorry, I didn't see that you had replied until just now! (For some reason, I didn't get any e-mail notifications from the forum software about your posts.)


Do you recall what happened when you saw the message that Flash was outdated? Was this within a web page? If so, it was almost certainly a scam. Did you try to open those files to install this Flash update, and if you did, what happened?

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