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HerdProtect detected this as Win32/Neshta.A


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Malwarebytes scans ran clean but after running HerdProtect it said an executable that was part of K-Lite Codec Pack was infected with Win32/Neshta.A.


Here are the analysis results:








MD5: 93d91df628a99c41583c9680137ac147

SHA1: 7aae1c966bce3b0a6e99fce07aac28ee2a8247dc

SHA256: 2787cab4879ecb30f9f6f01f7bd5c583c0515713c00ded3753757a335752c1e


It also came with a few other files in the same directory that I thought it might not run without.


I didn't post this in the "Newest Malware Threats" section because this could have been on my system for a while now so I wouldn't consider this as "new".


(And yes I removed it)


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It doesn't matter.  You should NOT be posting suspect files in this sub-forum.  The sub-forum is for removal of malware on a system not for evaluating files for inclusion nor exclusion from MBAM.  If it was a true virus, you could get other people's systems infected.


The Win32/Neshta is a file infecting virus.  This is a "true virus" not something that everyone falsely calls a virus.


As a file infecting virus it is something that MBAM does not target.  If the system did have a Win32/Neshta infection, you would have numerous files being infected.


It is a False Positive detection on their part. 


This is shown by the fact you don't have more files on that system being detected as well as having the First submission date [ 2015-04-16 03:40:43 UTC ( 5 months, 1 week ago ) ] being ~5 months ago.  If it was a file infected by the pre-pending file infecting virus then there would be several anti virus vendors detecting this within this period.

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