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[Suggetion] Plan PC shutdown after scanning.


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Depending on how long your planning to be away from the computer, if it's only for a day or two, putting the computer to sleep is vastly more power efficient than shutting down.  (Unless a restart is required to remove malware...)  Putting the computer to sleep uses at most .5 to .1 watts including the monitor in standby mode. 


When you shutdown the computer, you will use a lot more energy starting everything again, when you could just have the machine ready in under 10 seconds after you enter your password.  No more loading, waiting, and less power is used.  I think this is the way to go, and a shutdown would be un-necessary.  In fact, if no malware is detected, the computer could be set to sleep.  (You can turn off hibernation to make this much much much much quicker.)  Then, if malware is detected, you could let the computer shutdown.  Best of both worlds!

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I agree with Lou363,


Some scans can take many hours and it would be good to have this suggestion as an option.  Sometimes the PC can deal with this through power saving settings, but this can be interrupted by many things.  I think I have seen this feature on other AV systems like Comodo.


Would be nice to see Malwarebytes introduce this as a feature for on-demand scans.

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