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Prep for Windows 10 upgrade?

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MS advised temporarily uninstalling anti-virus and other security programs (such as MBAM) prior to the Win10 upgrade.
If I understand your post correctly, you upgraded from 7 to 10 and then reverted back to 7, without at any point reinstalling MBAM in the process?
If that's the case (or even if that's not exactly what happened), then the upgrade/downgrade process may have broken something in MBAM.

Let's start here:

  • Please carefully follow all the steps in this pinned topic to uninstall your current version of MBAM and reinstall the latest build - MBAM Clean Removal Process 2x -- it's very important to reboot after running the removal tool and it's a good idea to reboot again after the reinstall. EDIT: You would cleanly uninstall now, but would wait to reinstall until AFTER you have successfully upgraded to Win 10.
  • If that does not correct the issue, then please read the following and attach to your next reply the 3 requested logs - Diagnostic Logs (the 3 logs are: FRST.txt, Addition.txt and CheckResults.txt)
  • NOTE: More info about v2.1.8 HERE; User Guide ONLINE; User Guide PDF; FAQ: Common Questions, Issues, and their Solutions

Please let us know how it goes.


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Hello Glenn119,

I too am glad that you recovered nicely.

I do have a couple of questions to ask, if you can recall.

At which point did Windows 10 "not load"  ?   was that after you logged in to Windows ?   and did you then see the Desktop & taskbar but were seeing the "system busy cursor" ?


and beyond that, had the system been in sleep mode just prior to the start of the upgrade run ?


The freeze-up ( if that is what it was) after the login may well have been due to a scheduled automatic scan that just happened to have been set for that unfortunate coincidence of timing.

In my own personal opinion, all that is necessary is just to "turn off" all real-time services of MBAM and un-check the auto-start with Windows,

as well as also turning off any 3rd-party ( non-Microsoft) antivirus   before starting the upgrade.

This all goes back to the old advice from long ago ( about 2 decades now) , that before starting a Windows upgrade, you fully review your list of auto-started programs (non-Windows ) and turn them off ( except for those that are a must-have like network and connectivity) .


I hope that makes sense.

The bottom line is that our software is compatible with Windows 10.   ( assuming you have our latest released versions).

And yes, there is a bit of preparation that needs to be done before starting a Windows o.s. upgrade.


It is not necessary to uninstall our software prior to the upgrade.

However, if that is your choice and you are doing a clean install of Windows 10, you will want to do the following before-hand as well.

Start Malwarebytes Anti-Malware & click on My Account.

Be sure you have saved your license keys somewhere handy and safe.

Then click "Deactivate" button.

and exit the program.


Then you are set for the upgrade run.  After the upgrade is all finished, and all is well, you can re-install our software and also activate your License.

How to Install - https://support.malwarebytes.org/customer/portal/articles/1835314?b_id=6438

How to Activate  - https://support.malwarebytes.org/customer/portal/articles/1835315?b_id=6438

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I had done the windows 10 upgrade in the morning and rebooted the computer a couple of times throughout the day. I had completely overlooked the nightly scheduled Malwarebytes scan (2am). I awoke the next day to a blue screen that had a Windows 10 unable to load error message. I rebooted into safe mode and tried the repair option, which failed. I then did the rollback which got me back to Windows 7 Pro 64bit. I then uninstalled MBAM and did the upgrade to 10 again, I then did a couple of reboot's to see that all was well. Then I reinstalled MBAM and did a complete scan. The scan ran overnight last-night and all was working come this morning.

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So, what your pc ran into as a blue screen BSOD   ( Stop error ) ?


Good recovery on your part.   Let me suggest as a safety measure for the future, you make a recovery drive.  You can make it to a USB-flash-thumb drive.

Press Windows-key on the keyboard and on the Win10 search box, type in create recovery  & click the box marked "create a recovery drive".

And follow the prompts.

That way you have a means to boot-up from the USB into a Windows 10 recovery environment if and when you need it.   This is always good to have.


By the way, there is some other item for you to check on in Windows 10.  Check to be real sure that Windows' System Restore service is ON.

Type "create restore" in search box, and click on "create a system restore point".

In the System protection tab, click on the C drive.  Make sure that its protection column is set to On.   Then click Create button to make a system restore point for now.




The only reason I mention this Windows service is only because "some" upgrades to Windows 10 wind up with that service off after the upgrade.   Best to check and make sure.


Thanks for your information.   Enjoy the new o.s.   :cool:

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