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Problem with odd window opening during Windows Logon. Need help.


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Good afternoon everyone,


[UPDATE]:  I have managed to resolve the problem presented here by doing a System Restore back to 9/12/2015.  Topic may be closed at staff's discretion.  Thanks again.



Description of how computer PREVIOUSLY started at Windows Logon:


After logging-in, desktop icons and Taskbar icons (including MBAM Premier lifetime license), MBAE (free), Outpost, & a couple of others, etc would begin appearing as they normally do.  MBAM, MBAE, Outpost and some other programs have always been set to start at Windows Logon, and could be seen in the Autorunsc program under the [LOGON] tab - all of them were shown on a WHITE line.  Everything was as normal.


Description of what is happening NOW at Windows Logon:


After doing a restart of my computer, I noticed the MBAM Premier icon did not show up in the Taskbar notification area like it always has done, although the MBAE and Outpost icons ARE being displayed.  I ran the Autorunsc program and noticed that MBAM was no longer shown in the programs listing under the [LOGON] tab (although MBAE was).

I checked the "Show hidden icons" - 'customize' listing (on the Taskbar) and MBAM was still listed there with the setting to "Always display icon and notifications."   I have the MBAM program setting, "Start when Windows starts" check-marked, as it always has been.


I could not even remember how to fix this type of problem, so I did the only thing I could think of.  I clicked on the Start button, clicked on All Programs, right-clicked on MBAM & clicked on COPY - then opened the "Startup" folder and pasted MBAM in there.


Somehow, this has resulted in the problem I will try to describe.  Now, when the computer starts at Windows Logon, I am getting the image shown in the attached screenshot.  MBAM & MBAE startup like they should and their respective icons do show up in the Taskbar Notification area as they should, but I have no idea how to stop the image shown below from popping up on my screen every single time I logon to my computer, and still ensure the MBAM icon is displayed in the Taskbar Notification area during Windows Logon.  (I have to click on the "X" mark to remove it from the screen).


Thank you for your time, review and any help in fixing this problem.





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