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Redirect https://pcfixing2.info & pop up, poor daughter's comp

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Good evening!


I am using my computer to attempt to solve popup and redirect issues on my daughter's computer. I am a homeschool mom. No computer whiz here. But... learning is lifelong.


The issue: Any attempt to use the internet redirects to "pcfixing2.info" which requires a "quit task" from the task manager. Further, there is a continuous onslaught of popups plaguing the system. I'm usually pretty good at I.D.ing this crap in processes, but I can't find it this time. I attached a screenshot of the scallywag: An image of the virus.PNG


Using safe mode yesterday I ran JRT and MBAR and MBAM and Adware Cleaner too, I think, following Double Headed Eagle's plans from other folks, one at a time and retrying the internet. But to no avail. Perhaps I did things in the wrong order. So I'm trying again. The fact that I'm posting means nothing worked, and I need more suggestions. The "order of operations" for today is below. Thank you for any assistance in advance. 


Sooooo....  The offending computer is windows 8.1. More of Viv's comp info is in the attached screen shot, titled Viv's comp info, because I couldn't copy and paste for some reason.



5 p.m.

MBAM I'm using version 2015.09.14.05 (which looks really like it might be up-to-date, but it says it needs updated.) Alas, safe mode.

All disk checks are performed via download from my computer internet to a flash drive, except for MBAM as we're "fancy owners."


5:14 p.m.

Ran MBAM w PUP & PUM set to the "terrible entity" setting. Nothing to quarantine.

Realized I was supposed to show hidden files and learned how to do that.


5:45 pm

Reran MBAM, showing hidden files. It looks REALLY short. Wonder if that's right.

Anyway, File attached: VivsMBAM1.txt.


6:11 p.m

Ran FRST, addition box checked.

FRST.txt   Addition.txt


I was going to run RogueKiller, then I saw a note that followed about not doing anything further... not everything is bad... la de da de dah... and decided that instead of running anything else, I'll post the things I ran yesterday (before the NOT EEVERYTHING is BAD note) and see where to go from there.


You'll see I have logs also attached from 

MBAR, titled: system-log.txt -- This is an older log when my husband started working on this mess on 9/3/15

JRT, oddly titled: JRT.txt--This is from yesterday 

AdwCleaner, titled: AdwCleaner C1.txt and S1.txt and also Quarantine. log -- Also from yesterday


had to do a few mom things, then:



Thought I had almost fixed it after doing all of the following steps. The pop up started immediately all over the top of my Chrome page, but I just clicked out and it didn't reappear. Then I managed to make it to a couple of sites before the redirect reared its ugly head. 


And now, since you scared me with the "not everything is bad," I'm going to post all this crap and hopefully you can make sense of it before I screw it up any further. 




sorry the attachments come in all wonky, MBAM is off to the right...



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Hello and Welcome to Malwarebytes

We are not permitted to work on possible malware-related issues here in this section of the forum.

Such work is conducted in a special forum area reserved for that purpose, or at the help desk.

Being that you are probably infected, feel free to follow the instructions below to receive free, one-on-one expert assistance in checking your system and clearing out any infections and correcting any damage done by the malware.

Please see the following pinned topic which has information on how to get help with this: Available Assistance for Possibly Infected Computers

Thank you

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