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[Windows 10] Chrome worker processes crash if MBAE is enabled after upgrading


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I upgraded a couple weeks ago to Windows 10, and multiple Chrome processes started crashing on-launch. However, the main process, tab processes and extension processes don't seem to be affected, as the browser can keep running without any crash notification.


I tried reinstalling, I tried doing a clean reinstall (deleting all remnants and rebooting between uninstall/install cycles), I tried the 1.08 beta and nothing works. I've kept MBAE off for the past two weeks thinking it'd get fixed in a new update, but I checked just now and the problem still occurs.


On the latest crash, I looked into it and it's due to an invalid handle exception, raised by your DLL on the process' exit. (See attached screenshot) This was on beta


This is on an up-to-date version of Windows 10 Pro x64, and it occurred on both version and the beta.

My Chrome version is 45.0.2454.85 (Official Build) m (64-bit).

I also use Avast Free Antivirus v10.3.2225.


P.S.: I know I'm supposed to attach all user data as well, but I don't want to post it on a public forum. I can PM it to you if necessary.


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A couple thingsthat I've noticed just now:


  • The title is badly worded: this started happening after the upgrade, but keeping it on before the upgrade isn't the cause of this issue. 
  • The stack trace, at least around the unloaded area, (above the last mbae64.dll call) is most probably wrong and showing data as function addresses. (There can't be code at 0x0000000000000084 or (user-mode code at) 0xffffffff82ac8004) The actually-mapped addresses might still help, though.
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