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I'm no longer stealing you!


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The subject states it all. I have of course seen those fateful "Yar Matey!" messages. I have read up and seen that MalwareBytes was always very forgiving about all of this.


After years of using your free version, telling everyone I know about you that never heard of you, and eventually using non-free versions (Yar Matey! style), I finally purchased you and intend to remain a renewing client.


Thank you for an awesome product for years and years now.


Keep up the good work Matey!

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Same here.


When I got my new computer since 5 november on my table, I installed MBAM and when everything was ready and set I bought the licence too, seems also easy nothing to worry about anymore it automatic withdraw when the licence expires to continue. Really pleased I did since I knew already longtime it is a good program and used it already. 


And my new computer deserves the best off course  :)

Already protect me from bad websites.  ;)

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