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MWB continually informs need renewal after auto payment

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I have used MWB for quite some time and often promote it to others as an awesome product.


First time posting here in forums.  I cannot get my MWB-AMW to stop asking for new key/ID after renewal.  The info I received after my auto yearly payment stated the payment had been received, my bank confirms.  The email also stated:


Your Malewarebytes Premium Package has been renewed.  Thank you.  You don't have to do anything more.  Your protection will continue without interruption.


I contacted the support but have not received a reply except for a response stating to wait as they were undergoing a slow response time as the were training new customer support ...


I have tried to contact through every venue suggested to me.


I paid and can't get a response?  Nor can I find an option to stop auto payments in the future.


Help?  go where to seek answers???


It has been four days now.

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Hello and :welcome: :


Sorry to hear about your renewal issues. :(


The Help Desk is the best place to resolve licensing problems.

They have access to information we here in the forum do not have.


So, first: please check your email spam and junkmail folders, to be sure the email replies from the Support folks didn't land there by mistake.


There *is* at least one scenario with which we might be able to help you here in the forum directly.

To do that, we need to know:


>>> Did you purchase your original license from the Malwarebytes online store via cleverbridge, or somewhere else?


In the interim, as a workaround, you may wish to try a CLEAN REINSTALL.

The program will offer a 14-day Trial with all of the Premium features for 14 days, while you sort the licensing issue.

(1 Trial per computer per program version).




P.S. Instructions on how to cancel auto-renewal would have been included with the confirmation email sent at the time of your original purchase.We (or even better) the Help Desk folks can assist with cancelling auto-renewal AFTER we sort out the immediate renewal problem. 

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Yes, previously and this purchase as well was directed by MWB thrugh Cleverbridge.  Yes, Ihave contacted  both support, help, etc.


Stood facing south, with one hand raised in salute and chanted the authorized version of we shall overcome ...




Oh well, thank you so much.  I probably will just go with another product. I really feel as a long standing customer that :


A. I should have had a response immediately, and at least within four days ( as they seemed to have enough staff to take my payment promptly)

B. I do not feel I need to uninstall - reinstall and chant some more when promised for my monies this would work as always.


I thank you again so very much.  This looks like an awesome forum!!

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I am just another home user, so I understand your frustration.

As this involves personal and financial information re: the license renewal, we volunteers here in the public forum cannot resolve it.

The staff members may be able to do so, but they would need to work through the same official channels as the Help Desk & cleverbridge.


I suggested the clean reinstall as a temporary workaround.

It will provide you with 14 days of the full, Premium features while you sort the licensing issue -- the clean reinstall process takes less than 5 minutes.

But it's up to you.


I'm sorry I cannot help any further.

I hope you get it resolved.


Thank you again,

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I know that ultimately this does not help your situation, but all of the North American Support team were in trainings Wednesday through Friday, and a skeleton crew was trying their best to deal with all of the tickets that came in.  At the same time, the Verizon DNS issue was swamping Support as well as the forums.  The training is over, and Support will be back full force on Monday.  You should get a response then.

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