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Malwarebytes blocking several sites since MS updates


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I got a call from a friend last night that he was getting malwarebytes popups blocking websites that

he normally goes to and never had these happen. He has ver 2.1 and so we tried various fixes, but

could never get anything to work..


Well, I turning on my pc a few minutes later and I was getting the malware popups also ! Going to

sites I've never had this happen on ....... so I ran malwarebytes, ran av checker, and was trying to think

what happened yesterday that could have infected me and him ?


Guess what ? I think it was from Microsoft updates from sep 2015 ......... I had 12 important updates

that I installed yesterday morning sept 9 . I checked them all before installing and all seemed ok, no telemetry spying or update to windows 10 .


 So, I restored pc to before the Microsoft updates and , no popups or false positives going to anysites



I'm going over to friends house later and try same thing see if it works........


Just wondering if this is happening to others ?


both of us have win 7 and mb 2.1 (current ver) .



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hey mysteryfcm, went over to his house and he keeps on getting popup warnings


and the name is



He keeps on getting popups on many webpages views, not all the time though


Read about a few others having problems with this ip add. and one message

said to try google dns,


If this is a virus I might just try new virus protection, he's using mse...


thanks for your time


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