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Texts (part-2)

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hey u free 4 da wkkend ?!?!!1 i ned 2 no by 2nit or i wnt b abl 2 go !!!!!11!1

oh my god you type like one of those

wat ppl?

illiterate people.


How much do u love me?

Well, look at the stars and count
them. That's how much I love

But it's morning.



Dad, I'm hungry

Hi hungry, I'm dad!

Dad, I'm serious!

No, you're hungry!

You're joking!!

No, I'm dad :D


OMG. Just found out I have

What's that?

Synchronous Diaphragmatic

What the crap is that?


You just made my day.


Hey what does brb mean?

Be right back

Ok you will have to tell me
when u get back

Omg u r the biggest idiot ever!

Yeh you're back! So what does
it mean?


Hey mom can I borrow a dollar

Do I look like im made out of

M: made
O: out of
M: money


Hey babe what did you get me
for my bday

See that pink mercedes outside

OMG yes

I got you a tootbrush the same
color :)



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Honey where are you?


Remember that jewelry store where you found that beautiful necklace?


Yes, go on.


And you wanted it and I told you would would have it some day?


Yes honey thank you!


And now that I have enough money to buy it...


OMG Thank you!


I'm at the bar just next to that shop.

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