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Since it's easier to provide the link then uploading the file (it is only 4MB) , but even after 15 mts, the upload was not complete, so I went for the link posting. The link is from my Dropbox account only , from which I had also earlier posted the logs/alert files for your study..


My second attempt, with a fresh topic, has also failed.


I really liked this Tailwaggers section and wanted to add to it.. If it's OK I will re-post that link..

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I would hv loved to make a direct posting of that. This same image is very popular in social media (FB, twitter) and this is the link, http://i.imgur.com/JXPCa.gif 


Being imgur link.. hope this can be checked out


As Dave has tried to explain: Did you see the reply (and post editing) by our forum Admin, @AdvancedSetup here?


We sincerely appreciate your desire to share whatever this image might be.

However, this is -- when all is said and done -- a forum owned and operated largely for the support of Malwarebytes products and customers, not a social media site.

So, for the safety of our forum members, we operate a bit differently than Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Perhaps you might wish to consider sharing some other joke or tailwagger, perhaps as a regular forum post, without external links? :)


Thanks for your understanding,

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