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MBAE 1.08 beta - A tester's impressions


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All seems to work smoothly with MBAE  As usual I have no self-control and have checked all the MBAE Advanced Settings boxes and run EMET (with EMET ROP mitigations unchecked where the application is protected by MBAE) and it works without a murmur of discomfort or discontent.  This comment applies to Windows 7 with EMET 5,2 and Windows XP with EMET 4.1 (update 1).


I run Open (aka Libre) Office with Windows 7. MBAE recognises Libre Office as its log shows.  There is no mention in the MBAE log of individual components, e.g. swriter.exe.  Could it be confirmed that swriter, sbase, scalc, sdraw, simpress, smath and sweb are included under MBAE's Libre Office umbrella?


HOWEVER, I am unable to run MS Office 2003 which I have installed on Windows XP.  I removed Winword and Excel from the scope of EMET and reverted the MBAE Advanced Settings to default but to no avail.  I attach the MBAE alert image.


Please note that this issue also occurs with MS Office 97.


For the time being, I have to run MS Office 2003 deactivated in MBAE but protected by EMET 4.1u1.


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I reported the same thing for Word 2000 on 32-bit XP SP3:   To get Word (2000) to open, I had to UNcheck RET ROP Gadget Detection (32-bit) for the MS Office profile [under OS Bypass Protection].   Did you try that adjustment?  


I submitted logs to Pedro for his analysis... hopefully he'll have more to say.


See:  https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/172363-mbae-108-beta-preview/?p=987533 and https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/172363-mbae-108-beta-preview/?p=987539

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