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Laptop keyboard problem or Virus. .....Not sure...HELP


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Hello everyone,

I own a Dell inspiron 15 3000 series laptop. .

Since recently a weird thing has been happening with my laptop..

Whenever I open any notepad or wordpad or just any box in which you can type... before I even touch the keyboard it starts typing the letter 'p' continously. .

Even if I want to rename a file...it starts typing 'p' continuously when I click on the rename option...

Also any file or folder whose name starts with 'P' gets selected automatically and gets forcibly open even if I want to open another folder suppose Documents

Even the music player 'plays' and 'pauses' the songs even when I don't touch the keyboard or the mouse...

Somehow it all boils down to anything related to the key 'p'...

Is it a keyboard problem or what??

Guys....Please please help............

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It is most likely the replaceable notebook keypad.


For whatever reason ( food crumbs, sticky liquid, etc )  the letter "P" is continuously depressed ( it's sad :P ).


With the notebook turned-off and using a soft bristle brush and/or a can of compressed air, see if you can clean and dislodge any matter that may be causing this issue with the letter "P"


{ Oh my G-d, the keyboard is "P" ing }

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