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Whar NVIDIA graphic drivers do I really need?


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I got a new computer: Windows 10, 64-bit, Dell XPS 8700 desktop with GEforce GT 720. I'm totally confused about NVIDIA GeForce.  I'm not sure if I should download this recent update:  GE Force Windows 10 driver.  Also, in NVIDIA Update, Preferences, what should be checked? I rarely do any games online, my monitor doesn't support 3D but I do watch a lot of videos online.  Also, I segment videos where segments are created into which subtitles or a line of text is entered.


Thanks so much in advance for your help. :)


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If it's a brand new OEM (Dell) copmputer, I would only get driver updates from the drivers site at Dell, for YOUR service tag, rather than from the device manufacturer.


To be honest, if it's BRAND NEW, then the OEM drivers out of the box from the factory should be fine. No need to update.

And the reason for getting them from Dell (rather than from NVidia, etc) is that it's better to have Dell **test** the drivers in their environment before they are released to end-users.


{{And brand-new NVidia drivers, fresh from their website, are sort of notorious for causing problems over the years.}}


If it ain't broke, don't fix it.


JMHO, as just a home user.

Our more expert forum members and staff will probably have better advice.



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If you are going to update the drivers from the nvidia site, I suggest waiting at least a couple of weeks before using the latest drivers.


I have also found its a good idea when updating from really old drivers to the newer ones to do a fresh install, For instances my laptop is a dell computer i got in 2011, the nvidia drivers are really old when its set back to factory, just installing the newest nvidia drivers instead of a clean install, causes all kinds of weird issues.

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