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I've tried all methods described for installation of MalwareBytes to no avail

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Windows 7 Admin priviledges


After an update failed back in (approx) March, I've tried to reinstall MBAM without success. I've run Chameleon 3 times with no MBAM files found. Of course, I've restarted my computer many many times since this epic began. I trust MBAM above all other Malware tools and had used it for my company's app cd security scans and reports. Could these old reports make MBAM think they're app remnants? Please help me regain the use of my prized Malware Protection app!


Attached a screenshot of the error I get and the scan results of MBAM-check. The second recommended tool could not be downloaded due to reported 'probable malicious code detection', I can only provide the one scan result.




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Hello and :welcome: :


Your post suggests that this is a business/work computer?


If so, then your MBAM Business license entitles you to free, one-on-one support from the Business Help Desk.

If you have not yet logged a ticket there, you may do so by completing this web form HERE.


They will assist you via email with getting MBAM up and running.


Thank you,

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The Consumer version of MBAM is for home users on personal computers.
If this is a business computer being used in a business or work environment, then MBAM require business licensing, as explained here and in the EULA, regardless of who installed it.

In any event, additional information, such as diagnostic FRST logs will be needed.

But the deep work needed to get MBAM up and running on this system cannot be performed here, in this particular section of the forum.
Such work is conducted in a special forum area reserved for that purpose, or at the help desk.

As such, your best step may be to open the previously suggested ticket at the Business Help Desk HERE.

They can assist you both with technical support (to get MBAM up and running) and with licensing. :) 


Alternatively, you may wish to start with the advice in this pinned topic: Available Assistance For Possibly Infected Computers.

It explains the options for free, expert help >>AND<< the suggested, preliminary steps to expedite the process.
A malware analyst will assist you with looking into your issue -- the helper there will assist you with scanning, cleanup and repair, and with installing MBAM.  The helper can then refer you to the proper folks to straighten out any licensing issues, as needed.

Thank you again,

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Other security scans indicate no infections. My company issues security via Symantec, weak. They also use Baracuda, very weak. I also,personally, use SUPERantiSpyware, LOVE it.

Since ONLY I USE MBAM on my PC, I don't feel it requires a business license. If MBAM insists this is what must be done, then I guess I will not be using it anymore, or ATTEMPTING to use it.


Are there any HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE entries I can look for to remove, since MBAM seems to think I have remnants of its software?

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Barracuda Networks has there own branded version of MBAM as part of their service. That is why you are having issues installing.


Your own IT folks would most likely have to be the ones to help with this, likely as part of your company's contractual arrangement with Barracuda.

That would be your best bet.

The folks at the Malwarebytes Business Help Desk might be a second option.


{For the record, I was not suggesting that you were infected.  I merely pointed out that the tools needed to troubleshoot cannot be used in this section of the forum.}


I hope you are able to resolve your issues installing and running the program.


Take care,

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