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License Key Issue

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Good Day.

I have a problem about the recent update of my Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium. My previous version before the update was 

My Scenario is like this the Power Supply on my PC got a problem(ticking sound) so i decided to RMA it(Jun 24, 2015), i waited roughly 2 months for it to arrive(Aug 24, 2015). Now that i have been able to boot up my PC again i decided to update everything as the span of 2 months can have major changes in terms of functionality, versions, etc. I updated my AV, drivers, and Malwarebytes, sad to say when I updated my Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium it got reverted back to Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Home (trial edition) 2.18.1057

I bought my license key on Ebay last Nov 23, 2014 from a trusted seller a day after i bought my PC. How will i be able to prove that i have a legit license key? aside from the verification coming from eBay as the email i used last November i cannot access anymore. Tried emailing eBay to ask for at least a receipt or proof of purchase to help me with this matter but until now i haven't received any reply.


What other kind of verification i could do? i bought 2 licenses last Nov 23, 2014 on eBay, used the license on my desktop and laptop. On my laptop i was able to update while the amnesty program was still in effect and now thanks to that i am still using a legitimate key(lifetime?). I thought if i upgrade my desktop(Aug 24, 2015) i would still be participating in the amnesty program but sad to say it didn't and reverted my MBAM account to "FREE" now i am using the "FREE" account and im not protected realtime. I'm using the net for business purposes and im afraid i could access a site that contains malware and stuff.
PS: I already sent a message to support and still waiting for the reply of my Support Representative named Andy. but if ever he replies im afraid i hit a dead end as i cant really access the email add i used last time. Tried every possible ways to recover the password but failed bigtime :( It was my first email account registered and it contains some not appropriate stuff for business purposes thats why i created a new formal email add and then disregard the old email. Didn't really thought i would need it for something like this

Hoping for a positive response

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This sort of licensing problem cannot be resolved directly here in the forum.
As you already have an open ticket at the Help Desk, please try to be patient until a staff member replies.
Please check your email junk and spam folders, to be sure that the replies did not land there by mistake.
As far as protection, MBAM is not an anti-virus.
So, even with fully functional MBAM Premium, one still needs a robust, real-time anti-virus.

If you have not already used the MBAM 2.1.8 Trial on this particular system, you ought to be able to perform a clean reinstall, as explained here:
MBAM Clean Removal Process 2x.
During the installation, a 14-day Trial will be enabled by default.  It provides all the Premium features and protection for 14 days.


Thanks for your patience,
P.S. For the record (and for others who might read this thread), purchase of MBAM licenses from eBay is not supported or recommended, as explained here.  MBAM licenses should be purchased only from the Malwarebytes online store or from trusted resellers.

(Also, if, as you mentioned, this is a Business computer, then you might want to discuss with your support team member conversion of your license to a proper license for use in a business environment.)

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Thanks for the quick reply daledoc1


Yes i have a partner with my MBAM Premium its Bitdefender Anti Virus. As for the trial im almost out of days, got total of 1 day remaining for the Free Trial to expire. If i reinstall and use that said program "MBAM Clean Removal Process 2x" will i rollback to 14days trial? in case the process of verification takes some time.


And lastly i wasn't aware that time that MBAM doesn't support any resellers from eBay. I have ordered the first one from him and didn't encounter any problems when i activated it on my laptop, that's why when i bought my desktop i told myself to buy another license from him. I'm not from the states and im just an average school guy, saving amount of $24.99~$25 is gonna take some time for me to achieve, that's why I'm looking at some sweet deals that time and making using that the seller was at least at 100% trust verification

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The Trial version is one trial per computer per program version.

So, if you have already used the Trial on this computer for 2.1.8, that's it for now, unfortunately.

As long as you have a robust anti-virus, you will have some protection.

And you may wish to add MBAE (Free or Premium) for additional protection.


As far as eBay, if the price sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Unfortunately, you are not the first person to have been scammed buying a software license there, for MBAM or for other products.


Please work with your Support team member at the Help Desk to try to resolve the licensing issues.


Thank you again,

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