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License issue

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I am the owner of a retail version of Malwarebytes Pro with a lifetime license. After doing a clean install of Windows 10, I downloaded the latest version of Malwarebytes. After installing I attempted to activate using my ID and Key. It failed with a 403 error indicatiing maximum usage.


I find that a bit concerning because since I purchased the product in 2011, I have legitimately reinstalled the key after OS upgrades, hard drive crashes, drive corruption...but the primary reason for most of the key installations are a result from issues with Malwarebytes or the update process.


Whenever I would experience a problem I would come to this forum and look for a solution. Most of the time the first thing suggested was to remove and reinstall Malwarebytes. This of course would generally require reinstalling the ID/Key. I suspect that has been the primary contributor as to why my ID/Key to have exceeded the maxium usage.


Nowhere, at any time...when it was suggested to reinstall Malwarebytes was there a warning that doing so would edge me closer to a maxium usage. Nowhere in any of the documentation that came with my retail product did it make reference to a maximum usage.


Nowhere on this forum have I been able to find any mention of maxium usage and the actual number that constitutes the maximum usage. In fact the first mention of maximum usage is when people started experiencing problems and are getting an error code pertaining to maximum usage with the latest version of Malwarebytes.


I read of others having a problem so I did what they did and contacted support. I sent them a copy of my retail license card and within two days I received an email telling me they were resetting my ID/Key along with instructions on how to activate ID/Key. Assuming this meant I would be able to now activate Malwarebytes with my ID/Key,  I responded by thanking them for a quick resolution.


Unfortunately when I actually went to activate using my ID/Key it reported the same problem. The original ticket was closed and so I had to open another one explaining their fix didn't work. This is why Malwarebytes should have never dropped their phone support because email does not allow for real time conversations. I have no idea when I will receive my next email or when this issue will be ultimaterly fix. I have no idea as to what number constitutes a maxium numer of activations and what I am supposed to the next time I exceeded that unknown number. After all it is a life time license.


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I too am having difficulty after several crashes while attempting to upgrade to Windows 10.  Each time MWB was installed causing me to reinstall MWB several times.  I only have one machine but I get that error code 403.  Cleverbridge did attempt to help me by purchasing a new key/ID for me but for some reason I get the same message.  Has to be a registry key preventing the install.  Doesn't make sense that a new Key /ID would fail first time with same error code.  Haven't heard from support and unable to use premium trial so I am very unhappy with MWB.  I could not find anywhere where it states this limit on installs which really concerns me.   Please MWB jump in and get me up and running.

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